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FindBalance 3-month Wellness Program with Anatology – Ana’s Custom Coaching Process

Anatology Is Broken Down Into 5 Phases 12 Sessions

Discovery and Vision: Week 1
This first phase begins with your health history discovery session and goal definition. During this period we will work to identify your current state or “as is”, issues and concerns. An important part of this phase is defining your goals, which will serve as a guide throughout the rest of the process.
Design: Week 2
We are not talking about painting the office or rearranging furniture. Instead, what will your balanced life look like and how will you keep going every day? In the design phase we will look at your Wheel of Life and Commitment and together we will identify habits to improve.
Development and Testing: Weeks 3 to 11
The development and testing phases will often overlap, as you try new things and determine whether they are right for you. We want to make sure we are putting together a lifestyle that comes natural – constantly fine-tuning the actions you take. By the end of these two phases, you will be comfortable with your new habits and how you apply them to find balance.

These phases are critical as we prepare you to “go live”. You will journal your progress, identify sources and causes of negative impact and define concrete tasks and steps to take moving forward. Are the breathing exercises helping? Are your migraines gone? Has your sleep improved? Like all individualized and personalized programs, first we “Understand the goals, then work out the map”
Cutover: Week 12
This will be our last session where we will talk about the prior weeks. Prior to cutting over, we will review that we have met your objectives and you can “go live”. At this point we will determine if you need any ongoing support. You will no longer work in your old system and with your old habits. You have “flipped the switch” and you will be “live”.

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