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Do you feel like you give 100% to everything and everyone, except yourself?

Do you wish to find some balance and get back in shape?

Are you feeling guilty because you are having these thoughts?

If this sounds familiar. I was there as well, not too long ago.

Hello! I’m Ana, a mom of two boys and a certified integrative nutrition health coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Health and fitness have been a passion since I was 17, however, my full time job for over 20 years was as a system & business process consultant for global companies traveling weekly and managing teams & projects.

Several years ago I had my first child and I became this superwoman trying to be all for everyone, including myself. As you can imagine, I was able to keep up this lifestyle for a period of time before something started to suffer. That something was me! If you are still reading, my guess is you can relate to some, or all, of what I have just mentioned.

I’m sure you are one very strong woman that prides herself on being able to take care of things. You are smart, dependable, hard-working and strong. Others see you and your life, and they are amazed at how you can handle it all. You are a a SuperWoman, on the outside … but not on the inside. Something is off.

I’ve been there. The hardest part is to say it out loud. You feel guilty for thinking it, let alone saying it to someone. Your secret is safe, but you need to do something about it. You want to find balance. You want time for you. I get it! I’ve been there!

You need a plan. You need the strategy.

I can help you lay it out in a way that makes sense.

My experience in systems and business process consulting has given me a skill set where I can lay out plans very logically to meet objectives.

With so much information overload, it is easy to find all the things you know you need to do to find that balance and accept that change, but it is difficult to put them in the right order and to understand them.

Your Accountability Partner. Your Change Management Consultant.

I have gone through many projects that require people to “change their ways”. Change is hard if you don’t know why you are doing something, but with the right guidance, you will.

You have enough on your plate – I can help you lay the groundwork and path so you can take it and execute.

Find Balance & Get in Shape for Life.

When we work together we will bring clarity to the goals you want to achieve.
We will put a plan of action together and mold it to fit your schedule.

So How Is My Findbalance Wellness Program Different from the Others?


You will set clear goals.


You will understand where you struggle.


You will learn to focus your efforts on the source of the problem and not the symptoms.


You will learn how to shift your mindset to make lifetime changes.


I will give you tools to make it easy and fun.

Together we will get clear on what you desire and we will make your goals a reality. No need to feel guilty. No need to sacrifice being a good Mom, being an attentive wife, or being a stand out employee.

It is not just about making time (you’re busy, I know you’re not wasting your time) or about what it is that you have to do (you are a smart woman, I’m sure you are well informed on nutrition and wellness).

It is about getting precise with your goals and understanding from the inside what is preventing you from getting there.

Most importantly, it is about putting a manageable plan in front of you to get it done.

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